Yoga – Best Way To Protect From Corona

 Yoga is  found very much beneficial in curing and preventing from getting caught with corona virus. Many Corona survivors say that yoga such as Pranayam and various breathing exercises help in curing them of the corona.

Yoga – Best Way To  Protect From Corona

Here are some yoga’s which help in fighting against novel coronavirus

1- Squats -It is recommended by World Famous Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev. In i the starting of a powerful yoga session. It helps in making the body flexible.

2- Sit-Ups – Do ten sit-ups in starting slowly increase the sets up to 25 sets per day.

3- Mishra Dand -Pranayam is the main exercise and a must-do exercise after all these power exercises recommended by Yog Guru Swami Ramdev.

Pranayam is derived from two words. Prana means breath and Ayama mean control, so Pranayam means control of breathing.

Benefits of Pranayam

1- Helps in strenghtening lungs capability because you exhale and inhale oxygen which have a direct connection with your lungs

2- Make you stress-free.

3- Increases energy level

Pranayam has much more benefits, but these are the main benefits.

Best time to do Pranayam

Best time to do Pranayam is early morning. In the early morning you wake up fresh, and air quality is also fresh which helps in inhaling you fresh airs.

Why include Pranayam in daily routine?

People include yoga into there day to day life, and yoga is becoming a daily routine in people’s life. Many studies also reveal that regularly practising yoga and doing meditation helps in increasing immune system .

Everyone knows that immune system is helping in curing this novel corona-virus. Higher your immune system higher will be the chance that a corona virus will not catch you. Still, if you caught by a corona-virus, then your immune system will be fighting this corona-virus.


Pranayam is of many types, but mainly Kapalbhati Pranayam is very much beneficial in curing novel coronavirus.

Steps for doing Kapalbhati Pranayam –

1-Sit in a comfortable position

2- Keep your back straight and close your eyes

3- Place your palm above your knees. Keep your face in the up position

4- Firstly exhale from nostrils and then inhale from your nostril

5- Do 20 sets of breath in starting

6- increase your sets daily

Best time to do Kapalbhathi Pranayama

Best time to do Kapalbhathi is in the morning or empty stomach. You can also do Kapal Bhati exercise 2 hours before dinner.

Who should not do Kapalbhathi Pranyam

A person suffering from High blood pressure, Slip Disc, Heart ailment, Women should avoid during mensuration and pregnancy.

In the end, we will conclude that Kapalbhathi exercise has many benefits. It helps in curing of asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. It makes your immune system healthy and fit. Healthy Immune system is helpful in curing of the corona.

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