Raw meat should you eat it or prevent it’s fresh

Taking Raw meat in dishes is common in many parts of the world.

Despite this, there is some safety concern which you have to consider before taking raw meat in your diet.

Raw meat should you eat it or prevent it’s fresh

Increases the risk of Food poisoning

Since Raw meat is prepared by slaughtering of animals and during slaughtering of animals, many bacteria fed on them and when you eat that raw meat that bacteria goes into your stomach and causes food poisoning, and this food poisoning may lead to death sometimes.

No Benefits

No study has been found until now, which shows that raw meat has benefits. It is an assumption only because we think that eating raw food is healthy for health, so we also believe that eating raw meat is also beneficial to health, but the fact is that raw meat has bacteria’s on it which may cause foodborne diseases such as vomiting, headache etc.

Some famous raw meat dishes which you may found in the restaurant Menu

1- Steak Tartare

Origin of Steak tartare is France, and its french name is a la tartare. It is made from horse meat and minced beef. Best served with onion, capers. It can also be served with rye bread.

2- Carne Cruda

Origin of Carne Cruda is Italy. Its Italian name is Carne Asada. Carne crada is derived from two words Carne which mean meat and crude, which means crude.

It looks like steak tartare. In this thinly sliced beef is used. It is best served with onions, garlic red chilli, and olive oil.

3- Carppacio

Carpaccio is also an Italian dish. It is made from fishes namely salmon, tuna. It is prepared with thin slices of beef, and it is also served best with olive oil, lemon with arugula toppings.

4- Basashi

It is a Japanese dish. In Japanese meaning of this is raw horse meat. It tastes good when it served cold. When tasted, it gives a sweet flavour.

Other dishes are

Crudos , Carne Apache , Mett , Koi Soi

Other than this, you can prepare raw meat dishes at your home also, and homemade raw meat has less chances of bacteria because at home you will do all food safety measures while preparing it.

If you are fond of raw meat, then here are some precautions you can take while eating raw meat and can protect yourself from diseases.

1- Always pick a whole piece of meat and don’t take packaged meat always make homemade meat.

2- Always prefer Raw fish rather than other types of meat. It is because raw fish can quickly be frozen, and bacteria can’t live on the frozen surface.

3- To prevent the risk of food poisoning always cook raw meat at, fish at the Minimum internal temperature of 63′ C 145 F to 74′ C 165 F

In the end, we would like to conclude that raw meat is not considered safe, so do not eat raw meat. However, if still, you are fond of it you can cook it at minimum internal temperature to avoid any risk, and it is advised that pregnant woman, older people and children should not consume raw meat.

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