Muscle Building Nutrition Reviewed (2020)

Finding a muscle-building program online isn’t difficult. In fact, the Net is saturated with all kinds of conflicting information on how to gain muscle mass…

What is much more is difficult is finding a program that caters for the genetically limited few – the naturally very slim men and women who find it difficult to gain weight and muscle.

How important is nutrition for building muscle

This article reviews the Muscle Building Nutrition program developed by Will Brink and Charles Poliquin. Will is a well-respected Sports Nutrition expert, and Charles is a high profile strength coach. It seems everyone is a “leading expert” these days so let’s reserve judgement until we’ve reviewed the program…

To begin with, the title is a little misleading. This program is not just about nutrition. It covers every aspect important in gaining muscle mass – it wouldn’t appear on this section of the site otherwise. The first quality to grab my attention was how well referenced the program is…

It is rare to find commercial fitness material on or offline that is backed up by timely and credible journal articles. Why is it important?

As an Exercise Physiologist, I cringe at the number of books and sites that preach theories based on half-truths, outdated concepts and just a general lack of understanding. Anyone can put up a website or write an ebook, but it takes someone with authority in the field to make proper use of the latest available findings.

In terms of evidence-based research, then, Muscle Building Nutrition is one of the best I’ve read in bodybuilding. Great start, but what exactly does the program cover?

Not surprisingly, the core component is what to eat to gain muscle mass. Will covers the topic in just the right amount of detail. If you’re confused about how much protein to eat then after you’ve read the nutrition section, you won’t be. Yes, there are many arguments for and against but for athletes and strength trainers it’s really not that confusing.

The same holds true for how many calories, how much fat and how much carbohydrate to eat. Will does a very good job at making it clear, again using the latest research.

Section 2 of the program covers bodybuilding supplements. About 30 of the latest ergogenic aids all promising to help you gain muscle mass are examined objectively and without bias. You would be amazed at just how few sports supplements have any independent findings to back up their claims.

The final section of Muscle Building Nutrition is written by Charles Poliquin and covers his guidelines for training to gain muscle mass and weight. Even though it offers several sample training programs, this section isn’t as thorough as the others. However, I’m of the opinion that sound nutritional information is more important and harder to come by, then training information.

The biggest plus for Muscle Building Nutrition is undoubtedly the price. It costs half the price of many other weight gain programs, but it is more of a resource than a complete system.

To sum up, there are many bodybuilding programs and systems online. Most don’t really cater for the naturally thin, “hard gainer”. Muscle Building Nutrition is a resource that does, and it’s one of the best…

Follow the guidelines it contains, and you will gain weight. Although it’s not a step-by-step program per se, it is considerably lower priced than other weight gain systems.

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