How to Gain Weight fast and healthy

Just how quickly can you put on weight? And if you want to gain weight fast what steps you must take? Let’s take a closer look.

ways to gain weight healthy and fast

Unless you are malnourished weight gain in the form of muscle or fat is dictated by how much of a positive energy balance you can achieve. For example.

ways to gain weight healthy and fast

If you manage to consume 500 calories over and above the amount of energy you expend, you could, in theory, gain about 1lb of body mass per week. Achieving an even greater difference in energy in versus energy out should elicit a more rapid weight gain. However…

There comes the point (and it will vary greatly from individual to individual) where your body simply cannot process and store all the extra energy you are consuming. Most of it will go to waste.

If you want to gain weight fast and want the additional mass to be predominantly lean mass, then you are further limited by your body’s ability to lay down new muscle tissue. All you can do is eat and train in a manner that allows your body to build new muscle as quickly as is possible for you.

The more you eat (up to a point), and the more you rest in between workouts (again up to a point), the faster you will gain weight. Regardless of how much food you consume; however, don’t expect to gain any more than 1lb of muscle a week on average. Of course just as novice weight trainers see their most rapid improvements in the early stages, so you will see the greatest weight increase in the first several weeks.

If you’ve found it hard to put on bulk in the past, then you will need to eat considerably more calories than you have up until now. It can be daunting especially if you feel that you eat plentifully to start with…

simple ways to gain weight fast

To gain weight fast, you must follow a structured eating plan, even if it’s only for a short period. This will enable you to consume the most amount of calories you can without leaving you feeling sick and bloated. Although I don’t believe bodybuilding supplements are a necessity in the majority of cases, if you want to gain weight fast, a high-calorie meal replacement will give you the greatest chance of success…

Try for six weeks, eating three high-calorie meals (say 700kcals each) and drinking three high calories meal replacement shakes (around 600Kcal each). That will provide you with almost 4000 calories a day, which along with correct training and adequate rest will be enough for even the hardest gainer.

If you really want to gain weight fast, I would also add a good quality creatine supplement if you can afford it. Creatine will help your body recover and lay down new muscle tissue as quickly as possible, and you will also gain some weight, although temporarily, through water retention.

This is the only high-calorie meal replacement I would recommend. It provides 620Kcal per serving and is very reasonably priced (under $20 for a 3.8lb tub). Muscle surf is the best store for N-Large II.

There are dozens of creatine products on the market, most of them overpriced. American Creatine is just pure creatine monohydrate, no fillers and no artificial additives. It’s also highly rated and very reasonably priced. Again stick to Musclesurf.

Aside from creatine and a meal replacement for convenience, steer clear of any other expensive supplements. They will affect your bank balance far more than your bodyweight.

If you are happy to gain weight at a slightly slower but perhaps more healthy pace, try the Gaining Mass program by Anthony Ellis. It’s the best program out there for skinny guys.

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