Does Drinking Coffee Improve Your Digestive System?

effect of coffee on digestive system

Recent Report released by the Institute for Scientific Information on Coffee (ISIC) reveals that drinking coffee on a regular basis improves your digestive system and is potentially effective against digestion diseases such as gallstones and pancreatitis. But many health experts don’t agree with this.

Does Drinking Coffee Improve Your Digestive System?

Professor Carlo La Vecchia of the Department of Clinical Sciences and Community Health At the University of Milan. Who is also the author of the report Coffee and its effect on digestion

Commented in a press release that

“The effect of coffee on digestion is an evolving area of research. Data indicates benefits against common digestive complaints such as constipation, as well as a potential reduction in the risk of more serious conditions like chronic liver diseases, from non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), gallstones and related pancreatitis”.

Report Further stated that Drinking coffee is helpful in curing Gallstone Disease, which is a common digestive disorder caused by the accumulation of gallstones in gallbladder or bile duct. Nearly 10-15 % United States of America Population is suffering from Gallstone Disease.

But Health Experts’ views are different from this. Health Experts say that Till now no high standard study reveals this so they cannot comment on this that Drinking Coffee helps cure this.

The Report also suggested that drinking coffee regularly is helpful against constipation and chronic liver disease.

Some experts agree with this fact that coffee is useful against constipation and the reason behind is that Drinking coffee acts as a tonic for movements of muscle and this movement of muscle causes bowel movements which leads to improving digestion and excretion.

But Health Experts also reveals that drinking coffee cannot be considered as a solution to constipation because drinking excess coffee can lead to intestinal contractions.

According to the Report, An American consumes 3 cups of coffee every day, and it is normal.

Report states that

“a moderate caffeine consumption, of around 400 [milligrams (mg) of] caffeine per day (the equivalent of up to 5 cups of coffee), can be enjoyed as part of a healthy balanced diet and an active lifestyle.”

Health expert also agrees with this fact. According to them consuming 5 cups of coffee or 400 mg of caffeine each day is moderate but consuming more than this can be very dangerous for health and can adversely affect your mood, attitude, sleep negatively.

Positive effects / Benefits of coffee

Experts also reveal that despite all this, coffee has some positive side too.

Drinking coffee increases physical performance it makes a person active

Drinking coffee declines chances of heart strokes

Health expert also said that more research is required regarding the positive effects of coffee consumption on the digestive system.

Drinking a significant amount of coffee is beneficial for health but drinking more than average is hazardous for health.

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