Does Mask Wearing help in Fighting Against Corona Virus ?

Does Mask Wearing help in Fighting Against Corona Virus / COVID-19 after Lock down Gets Lifted  

How Many states have lifted lock downs and they are slowly reopening themselves after two months of lock-down . Main Question coming to people’s mind is that should they wear a mask does wearing a mask help in fighting against Covid-19 . Let’s find out the answer of all these questions .

How CoronaVirus Spread 

First of all let’s understand how this Covid-19 Spread . Suppose one person is infected with a virus and he comes in contact with another person and that person touches his face , eyes then that other person gets infected .

So Conclusion is that Corona virus spreads through when we come in contact with an infected person and this spread can be via the Water vaporous , when we touch our face .

So if a normal person wears a mask then he cannot touch his face and while inhaling water vapor doesn’t get into his body . So mask wearing is a necessity for a few months or till the second wave of this virus finishes .

Findings of Study Conducted by International Universities 

This fact is also proved in a study . This study was conducted by the Researchers of world famous universities such us University of Cambridge , University College London , Hong Kong University of Science and Technology , Population Research Institute Finland and Ecole de Guerre Economique , Paris 

In this study two models were taken into consideration . Data is hypothetical in both the studies . Both Study tells about the Impact of Wearing mask in curing from Covid-19 after lockdown get’s lifted 

Both Model were conducted to find the answer of below questions –

1- First model was conducted to find the impact when majority i.e 80% of population wear mask against only half i.e 50% of population wear mask 

2- Second model was conducted to find if majority of population wear mask from the time lockdown gets lifted 

Outcome of both model is that if Majority of population wear cloth face to cover face or use mask than spread of virus gets minimal and the reason for this is virus spread from the water vapour we exhale and if our face is covered then virus spread is minimal 

Both studies also found that Mask Wearing alone cannot be beneficial  . along with Mask Wearing  regular hand wash , social distancing and greeting with NAMASTE instead of Joining Hands reduces the risk of Spreading COVID-19 .

So we can say that Mask wearing alone is not beneficial in preventing the spread of viruses . We have to maintain Social Distancing , Do regular Hand Wash 

Many Countries have made mask Wearing Mandated in public 

For Instance . In San Francisco it is mandated to cover the face when people see some other person to 30 feets .

In New York Governor Andrew Cuomo have released an order Stating that Businesses in New York Can Prohibit entry if entering person Face not covered with face covering 

Type of Mask We Can Wear ?

This question arises  in the mind of the majority of people and Many people want to know the answer of this question and the answer of this question is: You don’t need to wear a specialised mask such as N95 . 

You Just need to cover your face and nose 

Centers For Diseases Control and Prevention (CDC) 

also states that “Surgical masks respirators should ideally be reserved for healthcare workers . Cloth coverings are just fine , so long as your wash your hands before putting them on and cover your nose and mouth” 

Preventive Measures You have to take 

Preventive Measures issued by Center For Diseases Control and Prevention (CDC) against COVID-19 is as follows –

1- Wear Mask in public 

2- 6 Feet distance is to be maintain from others

3- Avoid Contact with Sick People 

4-Wash Hands with soap and water at frequent intervals for at least 20 seconds .

5- Sanitizier can be used if soap and water are not available 

Together we will defend Virus

We all have to be unite but should maintain distance in fighting against this Covid-19 

Above Study Concludes the following 

“Both models predict significant reduction in the daily growth of infections on average, under universal masking by day 50 of an outbreak, but not if only 50 [percent] of the population wear masks or if [the] institution of universal masking is delayed,” 

We Have to wear mask not for our safety but for safety of whole community 

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