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how to lose weight in a few days

To look Handsome, muscular is the dream of every boy, and to look slim trim is the dream of every girl. But sometimes due to unhealthy eating habits and due to family genes, both boy and girl gain weight and become fat. After become fatty everyone teases them and advises them to lose weight.

Here we will discuss everything, such as how to lose weight in a few days. How much calorie one needed to burn per day to lose weight. What meals and how much meal one should take in a day

Losing weight is not everyone’s cup of tea, but if one makes in his mind that he has to lose his weight, then any power in this world cannot stop him from doing so. The very first and important thing in losing weight is person determination.

If a person wants to lose weight in days, then he/she has to do regular exercise early morning because in the morning, when we wake up, our tummy is empty, and doing exercise with an empty tummy is very beneficial in losing weight.

It is a query of many people that how many meals a day person should take to lose weight.

Answer to this query is that first of all; one should take small meals at regular intervals and not just two heavy meals in a day.

After waking up in the morning, have a  glass of lemonade water or a glass of warm water, but don’t take both; otherwise, it may have an adverse effect on your body.

Breakfast should be healthy and energetic. It includes –  boiled eggs, yogurt, bananas, berries, etc.

One should avoid Breakfast oats, pancakes, toaster pastries as these help in weight gain rather than weight loss. Weight loss can not be achieved by skipping breakfast. Lunch should light and full of green vegetables. In lunch, you can take Salad, beans, nuts/seeds, etc.

Evening snacks are also necessary for weight loss. In evening snacks, one can take slices of apple with peanut butter, dark chocolates, and almonds, greek yogurt with mixed berries, etc.

Dinner should be light and should have sound sleep supportive components in it because sound sleep is a must if you are losing weight. At dinner, you can take berries, plain yogurt, etc.

Now Next question arises how much calories a person should burn per day to lose maximum weight in a day, week, and month.

According to a study, calorie burning is the same for both men and women, but for maintaining weight calorie intake is different means a man requires 2.500 calories per day, and a woman needs 2,000 calories per day to maintain the weight.

The deficit of 3500 calories per week or deficit of 500 calories per day helps in losing one pound(0.45 kg ) of weight. It means that the average calorie requirement of a man is 2500 calories per day, and he intakes only 2000 calories, which means a difference of 500 calories the same as in the case of a woman.

The woman required 2000 calories per day, so she has to take 1500 calories if she wants to lose one pound weight in seven days.

how many calories burn in a day to lose weight

If a person cannot decrease his/her calories intake, he/she can do exercises such as brisk walking . 30 minutes brisk walking per day result in burning of 100-300 calories per day if you can increase brisk walking upto one hour per day than you can burn about extra 200-600 calories per day which results in an extra 1400-4200 calories burned per week. Brisk walking also improves the metabolism of the body.

Bicycling also helps in losing weight. According to a study conducted by Harvard University, if a person of 155 pounds (70 KG) does bicycle for 30 minutes with a speed of 12-13.9 miles/hour (19-22 Km/hr ), he /she can burn 298 calories.

If he/she increases his bicycling speed, say about 14-15.9 miles/hr (22.5-25.5 km/hr ) he/she can burn up to 372 calories per day or 3348 Calories per week, which results in a weight loss of one pound in one week.

Weight loss during childhood or when a person is a kid is very easy because calorie intake is low as compared to adults, and bicycling for kids is easy as they are fond of bicycling.

From the above discussion, we have concluded that weight loss in a day, week, or in a month is possible, but one has to be consistent in a calorie deficient and in calorie burning.

Frequently Asked Questions?

1- Can one lose weight without exercise?

Yes, one can lose weight exercise, but he/she has to reduce calorie intake. For example –  a male on average requires 2500 calories per day, so he has to take only 2000 calories per day and this deficit of 500 per day results in a 3500 per week and 3500 calories will count as one pound (0.45 Kg ) . in case of woman they needed 2000 calories, so they have to take 1500 calories per day. 

2- How much weight can be loose in seven days?

It totally depends on a person means if he wants to lose weight fast he/she has to reduce calorie intake than required calorie and second he/she has to do exercises like brisk walking and bicycling. 

One hour of brisk walking per day result in 4200 calorie burn in one week and one hour bicycling with fast pace means 14-15.9 miles/hr (22.5-25.5 km/hr ) which result in 33 48 calorie burn in a week so if we take a total of all then in a week a person Can lose upto 3 pounds in a week or 1.25 Kg in a week which is sufficient, but he/she has to be consistent in all otherwise instead of losing weight he/she would become more fatty than previous.

3- Minimum calorie deficit a person should start with?

A person should start with a minimum 500 calorie deficit because 500 calories deficit can easily be attainable, but to increase the calorie deficit to more than 500 is a little bit difficult because you have to eat less. So it is better to do exercise with a calorie deficit.

4- How much water per day should one take per day?

On average, it is advised to take 2L of water every day or eight glasses because drinking water helps in removing toxins and waste from the body. Drinking water helps in losing weight 

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